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What is ERFcheck?

ERFcheck is a bank reconciliation software that reconciles large volumes of information from transactions and balance sheets.

ERFcheck is the best reconciliation solution for banks.


ERFcheck allows you to reconcile any type of transactions, from multiple information systems.

The bank reconciliation process is highly automated, meaning that the finance and management control departments of banks access a single front-end with a unified and consolidated view of all transactions.

This way they can view all the reconciliations carried out, manually resolve any reconciliations not automatically resolved and access a history of information already processed.

ERFcheck is the best platform to detect errors in real time, reducing resolution time and the associated management cost. The result is fewer operational, regulatory and reputational risks for the bank.



Optimized reconciliations through synergies from the initial 300 reconciliations.


Working hours less spent handling exceptions and discrepancies.


Team redeployed to focus on tasks of higher value to the bank.

≈ 0

Errors achieved through ERFcheck.

Benefits of ERFcheck

ERFcheck is the most complete reconciliation software for financial institutions.

Overview of financial information
Fewer errors and discrepancies
Transparency in the reconciliation process
Focus on tasks with greater added value
Cost savings and risk mitigation

Features of ERFcheck

Optimizing the reconciliation process and improving efficiency

ERFcheck replaces the old, complicated, manual processes that companies used for the reconciliation process. By automating this process, finance departments can validate, enrich and reconcile data throughout the lifecycle of a transaction with full visibility and transparency for the organization.

Flexible platform that adapts to the needs of each client

ERFcheck allows different types of bank reconciliations (FoBo, Nostro, Securities, Snapshot, etc.). Similarly, configured reconciliations adapt to any interface format or reconciliation rules, including market standards.

The user has autonomy to define ranges and tolerances, as well as permission systems by bank and/or department. They can even import this organization from another external system.

The most powerful technology to manage large volumes of information

ERFcheck is a modular, scalable and configurable software that differs from other reconciliation platforms on account of its robustness.

By combining business intelligence, rule processing and big data, ERFcheck is as powerful as it is easy to use. The user only has to access the software through a cross-platform web system.

ERFcheck also allows complete integration with banking and operational systems, from all types of core banking to management systems such as ERPs or CRMs.

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